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Selling price : 40 000 000 Ft
Living space : 300 m²

Selling price : 80 000 000 Ft
Living space : 500 m²
Land space : 2000 m²
Advantages : Garázs,Erkély,Klíma,Kocsibeálló,Pince,Tároló
Selling price : 33 000 000 Ft
Living space : 110 m²
Land space : 1200 m²

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Tender Budgeting

We undertake the preparation of the budget for construction work contracts

With this particular service we would primarily like to please the residential population because the need for this service comes up more often in connection with private implementation

Our policy in connection with the need for a contract budget:

We believe that the absence of a budget proposals cause the most problems in case of residential const-ructions. Usually the customers only get the permit design documentation ready so they can save some money. With this documentation in hand, they ask for price offers from different contractors. We would like to draw your attention to the typical errors here.
In the absence of a budget bid, the contractors, sometimes deliberately, sometimes accidentally, will pro-vide an offer with different technical content and different quantities. The client tries to compare them and choose the most favourable. However, this is hopeless. This is when they fall into the trap of making a bad decision and sign a contract with a contractor who is nowhere near the best offer. The contractor may be after supplementary orders. Only later will they announce that the technical deficiencies encountered were not the subject of the business contract. Usually what happens then is that the cus-tomers receives a half-finished house, or a house where their ideas do not match reality. Furthermore, the client will realise that they did not sign with the most favorable contractor. To avoid these problems, as well as to prevent a significant waste of money, we suggest that you have a tender budget, which has the correct technical content and quantities, prepared and ask for offers by its guidelines. Because com-paring offers is only possible if the offers have the same technical content and quantities.