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Selling price : 40 000 000 Ft
Living space : 300 m²

Selling price : 80 000 000 Ft
Living space : 500 m²
Land space : 2000 m²
Advantages : Garázs,Erkély,Klíma,Kocsibeálló,Pince,Tároló
Selling price : 33 000 000 Ft
Living space : 110 m²
Land space : 1200 m²

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Our company will also start performing credit counseling and credit administration from this year on thus expandingthe range of our services. We are key partners of most mayor banks in Hungary and have good relations with a number of smaller banks. We have all the necessary means to help our customers achieve their goals on the highest possible level.
In my experience in the world of fierce competion of financial service providers (banks, insurance compa-nies) it is becoming increasingly important for the customers to have correct and at the same time comprehensible information.
I am sure that you have encountered the kind of information (advertisement, ad, etc) which contains – on a good day – one, but usually more * with the corresponding explanation in very small letters and sometimes written in a hardly understandable language, hidden somewhere in a corner of the ad.
Furthermore, the same can be said about verbal communication at almost any suppliers, branch offices or bank houses.
This is not dependable at all when one is about to make a several-million-HUF decision for the next 20 or 30 years.
My job, after providing clear information, is to help my customers choose the most appropriate credit facilities, financial solutions, and then to pursue their administration. With this I save my customers time, energy and money and, furthermore, a great deal of anxiety and stress.