Featured properties

Selling price : 40 000 000 Ft
Living space : 300 m²

Selling price : 80 000 000 Ft
Living space : 500 m²
Land space : 2000 m²
Advantages : Garázs,Erkély,Klíma,Kocsibeálló,Pince,Tároló
Selling price : 33 000 000 Ft
Living space : 110 m²
Land space : 1200 m²

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Ajánlak Team

Real Estate Distributor, Investment and building industrial Ltd.

Dear Visitors,

We welcome you to our website, which will introduce you to the various activities of our company, Ajánlak System Team.

With the help of our website and references we would like to show you a glimpse of our company’s everyday operations and familiarise you with our operational policy. We are confident that we succeed in showing you a comprehensive picture that will arouse your interest and will help us find those points of connection through which we will realize mutually beneficial deals, further strenghten our partnership and build new ones.

Our company started out in the autumn of 1989, worked as a private entreprise in the beginning then went on to become a limited partnership in 1994. In 2003 we transformed into a limited liability company. Finally, in 2015 we developed into Ajánlak System Ltd.

In our general contracts we place the expectations of the construction market and complex services at the forefront of our activities. Our customers reward our efforts and as a result our assignments, in a large part, cover everything from preparatory work through design to complete implementations.

Our company, engaged in constructing family homes, condominiums, malls, sports, industrial and commercial facilities, and office buildings and also in renovating historical buildings, is now well-known in the leading circles of domestic construction companies due to the owners' efforts. We hope to be known soon by foreign investors as well.

We are also trying to occupy a prominent place in the real estate market and to maximally satisfy customers needs by realizing, locating and offering such real estate where the price-value ratio is unbeatable in the domestic market and where the legal background is completely sound. In addition, our company also aims to cater for lower volume residential orders.

Our main profiles:

  • General contracting

  • Planning

  • General construction

  • Structural engineering

  • Other construction works

  • Property sales and evaluation


Our operational guidelines:

"We do not want to belong to the big ones, but to the good ones!"

To this end, we focus on reliability, on achieving superior quality and on carrying out economical, purposeful and thoughtful work while meeting the deadlines.
We seek to gain our customers' trust and satisfaction, thereby widening the circle of recurring business partners.
We focus on preserving our company's stability, training our staff and assuring their loyalty by granting them an attractive vision of our company's future.

Optimising work-processes and employing the lastest technologies play a great part in increasing our efficiency. In our activities we always bring the customer's needs to the fore.

When establishing fair, predictable partnerships we prefer the ones that are concerted and built on each other's possibilities. We recommend a personal meeting with the initiative of creating an opportunity where joint ideas may emerge which then can be translated into reality to everyone's satisfaction.

Thank you for your attention!

Ajánlak Team